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New Fic - Let it Snow

Title: Let It Snow
Author: amokeh
Rating: PG
Pairings: Sheppard/Beckett, slash
Spoilers: none
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Like someone would pay me for this?
Author's Notes: Submitted for the Baby It’s Cold Outside! Challenge at The Beckett-Sheppard Community. This is unbeta-ed: any mistakes are my own.
Summary: Carson & John, alone in a mountain cabin. Really, that pretty much sums it up.

Carson stood at the window, leaning against the sill as he watched the snow fall thickly outside. It had started shortly after he and John arrived at the cabin two days earlier, and didn’t seem to have it in mind to stop any time soon. They had decided on a drastic change of scenery for their leave, and since Atlantis really didn’t have a winter, John felt that vacationing in the mountains would be a nice change of pace. Although the snowstorm had put a crimp in John’s plans to instruct Carson in the finer points of snowboarding, they hadn’t minded being snowed-in that much, as it meant they had nothing on their agendas but each other.

It was a quiet morning; the only sounds breaking the stillness were the soft susurration of wind brushing against the cabin, the hypnotic drip-drip-drip of the coffeemaker and the gentle crackling of the fire behind him. Carson sighed contentedly, enjoying the peace that was so very different from their normal, daily life. Days were rarely peaceful or quiet on Atlantis. There was just so much to do, so much to learn – whenever he tried to rest there he always felt guilty for doing so, as if he was wasting time better spent on research.

The abrupt noise from the coffeemaker as it signaled the end of its brew cycle not only broke him out of his reverie but also woke up his lover, still curled up in the mountain of blankets they had laid in front of the fireplace. Not to sleep under – the fire was much too warm for that. But the hardwood floor really wasn’t that conducive to snuggling or to any other activity that involved two naked bodies whose focus should be on one another, not on how difficult it was to get comfortable with unyielding planks beneath you and an overly skinny boyfriend on top of you.

“G’mornin’,” Carson called softly over his shoulder, turning slightly to watch John push the blankets aside and blearily reach for the sweatpants he had carelessly tossed onto the sofa the previous evening. He couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped as John got slightly tangled up in the pants and blankets, almost taking a nosedive into the soft cushions. Steadying himself with one hand against the arm of the sofa while he pulled up the sweats with the other, he blinked up at Carson, grinning lazily.

“Mornin’,” John drawled, as he tied the drawstring around his slender waist. “Been up long?” he queried, looking around the room for his tee shirt.

“Not very,” Carson replied, “Just enjoying the quiet and the snow.”

John had moved around the couch, still searching. “Hasn’t stopped yet, huh?”

“No, it’s still going strong.” Carson grinned as John bent over to check under the table. “It’s on the other side of the sofa, love. I put some force behind the throw, apparently.”

John tossed a smirk in Carson’s direction as he rounded the table to head where Carson was pointing. “Well, apparently, someone was in a hurry to get it off of me.” His eyes lit and he nodded as he found the wayward garment. As he picked it up, he rejoined, “I wonder why that was?” He smiled hugely at Carson as he pulled the shirt over his head.

Carson clucked in mock disappointment. “Well, now you’ve gone and ruined it. And such a lovely view it was, too.” He leant back against the broad beam of the casement and watched contentedly as John ambled slowly over to him. John's face was still soft from sleep, his clothes were hopelessly wrinkled, his feet were bare and his usually rabidly perky hair lay flat on one side of his head with the rest pointing in every other direction. Perhaps Carson was a little biased, but he couldn't help thinking that John had never looked sexier. John didn’t stop moving until he was flush up against Carson, draping his arms over Carson’s shoulders as he leaned in for a kiss.

The kiss was like the snow: gentle and quiet, filling Carson with a sense of peace. Their lips slid sensuously together; tongues came into play, but more to become reacquainted at the start of a new day rather than to instigate anything more energetic. Carson sighed into John’s mouth as he wrapped his arms around the taller man’s waist, holding John firmly but not tightly.

Finally, the kiss ended as softly as it began, and John rested his forehead against Carson’s, breath warm against his cheek. “Good morning,” he whispered.

“You said that already,” Carson whispered back. He could feel John smile against his face.

“Well, it bore repeating,” John answered, pressing a soft kiss against Carson’s cheek. He slid one hand up to Carson’s neck to lightly thread his fingers through the hair at the nape as he pulled away enough to make eye contact. Warm, hazel eyes met blue as John smiled, gently, contentedly.

“Aye,” Carson smiled back. He closed the slight distance between them, brushing his lips against John’s and murmured, “It’s a very good morning.”

Tags: beckett/sheppard, fic, sga

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